Emotion And Taste Of Hong Kong (香港情‧香港味)

“Emotion And Taste Of Hong Kong” aims to uncover authentic delicious Hong Kong fare and search for genuine Hong Kong spirit and flavors in a bid to garner more support for eager catering candidates in their culinary endeavors. Eateries featuring all kinds of mouth watering treats are invited to participate in programme production by sharing their experience in maintaining the true Hong Kong taste and realization of their goals. Read moreA contingent of catering hopefuls are also recruited for participation in shooting. They are offered the opportunity to learn from success stories of eatery start-ups, hopefully inspiring them to initiate their own ventures into the catering sector. To provide another perspective, celebrities are also invited to join the participants and experience the process of concocting Hong Kong gourmet delights in action and ultimately achieving their culinary goals. Read less

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