Dead Wrong (致命复活)

Senior business consultant WAI YAT-SING (Roger Kwok) cannot get over the fact that he has disappeared for ten years, so he decides to go to Vietnam to probe into the matter, accompanied by his wife YUEN KIU (Joey Meng) and good friend LAM HO-YAN (Kenny Wong). However, the local police keep obstructing their investigation, and they end up in dangerous situations. Finally, they Read morereturn home safe and sound. To YAT-SING's surprise, his wife has remarried since his disappearance, and her current husband is actually HO-YAN. YAT-SING has no other choice but to leave his wife and son, plunging into his work to alleviate his sorrow. Fortunately, with the help of his former apprentice, HONG SHING-CHIT (Vincent Wong), he manages to make a comeback, during which he even gets romantically involved with his boss, YIP TSAU (Rebecca Zhu). However, YAT-SING is still bothered by the fact that he was found castaway on a deserted island, so he decides to launch another investigation. Eventually, he finds some unexpected clues that lead him to embark on a journey of revenge, the point of no return...... Read less

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