Daddy Dearest (超能老豆)


KUK CHI-KEUNG (Johnson Lee), an avaricious man, has to bring his son, KUK SIU-NAM (Lo Tsz Lung) back home after his ex-wife remarried. He falls short when it comes to raising a child, not knowing how to set a good example to his son. Fortunately, he gets help from CHU LAI-FA (Mandy Wong), who runs an education center, gradually learning how to be a better father, yet at the same time, he is on the Read morerverge of losing his job...... On the other hand, renowned architect SHEUNG NIM-SHU (Jason Chan) devotes himself to work and leaves all the household chores to his father SHEUNG SUN (Pat Poon) and wife HO LOK-CHI (Candice Chiu). Meanwhile, his oldest daughter SHEUNG YAT (Chan Sz Wing, Pearl) suffers defeat in a music competition and youngest son SHEUNG YEE (Haysan Chan) is about to enter primary school, leading to a feud between the in-laws. So NIM-SHU has to intervene and reverse his role with his wife by turning himself into a stay-at-home husband so as to better understand his children...... By chance, unemployed CHI-KEUNG takes over LAI-FA's education center in hopes of fighting his way to success in the education services, and due to this, he gets to know this newly-minted stay-at-home husband NIM-SHU. Going through the twists and turns, ups and downs while learning to be competent fathers, they help each other out with tears and laughter intertwining in the process... Read less

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