Communion (回归)

After getting divorced, Au Yiu-cho (Kwok Chun On) and Tang Lai-kuen (Alice Chan) operate two restaurants coincidentally called Yuet Tak House in Hong Kong and on the mainland respectively. They never have issues with each other. In 2022, Lai-kuen abruptly returns to Hong Kong to open a branch. Read more She even declares she wants to obtain the rights to the Yuet Tak House trademark through legal channels. The duo’s little son Au Ka-kin (Chow Ka Lok) signs up for Greater Bay Area Youth Entrepreneurship Competition. He runs into his elder brother Au Ka-him (Ricco Ng), who is appointed as an instructor, and also fellow competitor Cheung Loi (Joey Thye). However, they familiarize with each other through conflict and strife, and they team up to create metaverse Yuet Tak House. Yuet Tak House physical store and its metaverse equivalent are both sued for copyright infringement, and Yiu-cho, Lai-kuen, Ka-kin and Ka-him face different hurdles. After all, they are related family members, so are they able to restore the initial bliss and tenderness to their relationship? Read less

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