Captain Of Destiny (张保仔)

While driving the police speedboat to hunt down a criminal, Cheung Chau police officer WONG TAI-MUI (Grace Chan) is accidentally caught in a waterspout and travels back in time two hundred years to the Qing Dynasty, where she encounters pirate CHEUNG PO-TSAI (Tony Hung) and the eleventh prince, MAN HO (Ruco Chan). Being a living embodiment of righteousness, TAI-MUI often circulates from group to group by taking Read morebadvantage of the history learned from her e-book, managing to help them land on their feet. However, the pirate captain, CHENG YAT (Law Lok Lam) and his wife SHEK KIU (Maggie Shiu) get suspicious of this girl of dubious background. Gradually, TAI-MUI's power of knowing the future causes both CHEUNG PO-TSAI and MAN HO to fall for her, and thus develops a complex web of love, loyalty and relationships among the three. On top of that, TAI-MUI runs into her ancestors CHU SHUK-KWAN (Mandy Wong) and WONG YAT-HIN (Joel Chan). As the saying goes, the course of true love never did run smooth, so TAI-MUI cannot help but feel how ironic the quarrelsome couple's marriage is. Out of the blue, CHEUNG PO-TSAI is engulfed in the imperial power struggles packed with intrigues and conspiracies. As for MAN HO, he also has no idea that he is being manipulated by LADY YIM (Elaine Yiu) and LADY SHUN (Susan Tse) like a puppet, ending up being a victim of political infighting. He'd rather forgo his ambition of succeeding to the throne than live without his beloved one. Eventually, he deserts the army to elope with HA SHIM (Kelly Fu), during which he comes across Siam pirate captain WUSONA (Océane Zhu), who lays siege to his heart. Meanwhile, the waterspout reoccurs as the solar eclipse is taking place, so CHEUNG PO-TSAI, in order to help TAI-MUI, also comes back to the future...... Read less

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