Brother’s Keeper (巨轮)

KIU TIN-SENG (Ruco Chan) and LAW WAI-SHUN (Edwin Siu) are half-brothers, but fate intervenes and separates them. Apart from growing up in two different places, Hong Kong and Macau, the half-siblings have also experienced the polarizing conflicts led by drastic changes in historical events. Their mother CHOW YUK-MUI (Louise Lee) brings along the younger brother WAI-SHUN and lands in Macau as illegal immigrants. Read moreWith his own efforts and help from his best friends, YIU MAN-YING (Kristal Tin) and LUNG FEI (Louis Yuen), WAI-SHUN endures hardships, overcomes challenges, and eventually finds the road to success. On the other side, TIN-SENG, who stays alone in Hong Kong to earn his own living, cuts corners by being in league with a triad leader KEUNG YUNG (Louis Cheung) and having an affair with a wealthy heir. He deeply breaks his girlfriend CHEUK CHING's (Linda Chung) heart, ending up losing both her and fortune. Having gone through the ordeal over time, the future of their once closely related and interdependent brotherhood has become more and more unpredictable, leading the two to further diverge from one another. However, there is a deep-rooted faith in the blood-related brothers. With this faith, no matter how treacherous the tests are, they eventually reunite with each other in a new and living way...... Read less

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