Bottled Passion (我的如意狼君)

MRS. KO TUNG KWOK-HING (Rebecca Chan) lies to her husband KO SHIU-TONG (Kwok Fung) that the orphan boy she brings home is his long lost illegal son, KO YEE-HO. TONG believes HO will make a better heir than his elder son, KO YEE-TAI (Chan Shan Chung), resulting in HING’s kicking HO out of the house in anger. HO has been living a vagabond life since. After having Read more enough of the bitter taste of life, he is determined to let the KO family know how it feels to lose one’s family. So he stages a comeback with the name of TUNG PUN-SIN (Raymond Wong). SIN’s childhood friend TSU SUM (Niki Chow) has recently taken over her family soy sauce shop. He decides to win her love, fully confident that he will win her wealth as well. Later, this swindler in love decides that TONG’s two daughters will be his next prey.Read less

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