Blue Veins (僵)

Five hundred years ago, when Imperial Guard YING WOOD-CHEUK (Kevin Cheng) was under orders to eliminate vampires, he got struck by lightning and became an immortal being. Since then, he has taken it upon himself to rid the world of vampires, and changed his identity every twenty years lest others discover his secret. Fate leads WOOD-CHEUK to encounter LAM MUNG-NAM (Kay Tse), a forensic pathologist, Read morerin Holland, and MUNG-NAM cannot help falling for him at first sight. In an effort to hunt down LING FUNG (Joel Chan), a vampire, WOOD-CHEUK returns to Hong Kong only to find out there is a complicated connection between MUNG-NAM and LING FUNG. WOOD-CHEUK turns himself into a late-night restaurant owner to probe into the matter through interactions with different customers. In the course of time, he gets to know MUNG-NAM's younger sister, LAM MUNG-YIU (Grace Chan) who bears a close resemblance to his late wife four hundred years ago, as well as MUNG-YIU's classmates at university, HO YUET (Chan Ka Po) and YAU LING-MUI (Winki Lai). Also, he accepts two disciples under his wing, HO NIN (Wong You Nam), who is a student of the Sui Yi School, and KAN TING-SZE (Luk Wing), training them how to enforce justice and bring peace to the world. However, MUNG-NAM starts acting strangely and it turns out she has hidden an unbelievable secret. With the help of WOOD-CHEUK, MUNG-NAM manages to get her life back on track, yet things take an unexpected turn after MUNG-NAM runs into another undead, PONG YING-TIN (Eddie Kwan). YING-TIN is so caught in the grip of his own greed that he is determined to capture MUNG-NAM; whereas an army of vampires led by LING FUNG is wreaking havoc on the sly...... In the eye of the storm, WOOD-CHEUK, MUNG-NAM and the others are inevitably engulfed in the ongoing war between vampires and immortals that has lasted several hundreds of years...... Read less

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