Big White Duel 2 (白色强人2)

With CE Yeung Yat-to (Kwok Chun On) and Deputy CE Tong Ming (Kenneth Ma) at the helm of the leading public health institution Marshall Paxton Hospital, core departments, namely neurosurgery, CTS and A&E, are writing life-saving medical stories. Read more The failed medical reform plan had not in any way frustrated Yat-to, who puts forward Comprehensive Opening Up of the Drug Formulary Bill with the aim of providing low-cost medications to rare disease patients. However, oncologist Ip Ching (Nancy Wu) objects to his proposal, and she even goes against Yat-to as she is appointed as MarsPax CE. Meanwhile, former W.M.U. member Lee Man-shun (Moses Chan) joins the MarsPax team and collaborates with A&E Dr Zoe So (Natalie Tong), neurosurgeon Lui Oi-ling (Kelly Cheung) and other white knights in handling all kinds of critical situations. Read less

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