Beauty And The Boss (爱美丽狂想曲)

After 10 years, Wong Lai-mei is now divorced and has decided to go back to work. Her boss Matt has a dream team that includes So Chak-kei, Tong Yan and Kiki. While Wong Lai-mei, Kiki, Lee Siu-yung and Ho Yu-yan are good friends through thick and thin. Read moreBetween this group of young men and women, they have crushes on, flirt with, woo and dump each other, on their bumpy rides of comedic and romantic adventures. A failed marriage left Matt unwilling to start a new relationship with Lai-mei. Instead, he chooses to stand by her and quietly protects her. When they finally overcome their hang-ups, his ex-wife Shum Wai returns, pregnant with his child, forcing them to break up. After the PR firm closed down, Lai-mei is once again left at the crossroads, not sure of what to do with her life. Cheng Yu offers her a chance to start anew abroad. Though Matt has settled things with Shum Wai, he does not want to hold Lai-mei back from pursuing a bright future. They decide to go their separate ways. A year later, Lai-mei’s travel photography has become a worldwide sensation. Her exhibition brings her to Macau, where she finds Matt running a small cafe. Lai-mei is once again forced to choose…Read less

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