Battle Of The Seven Sisters (七公主)

Deceased invisible tycoon left behind seven last wishes for his seven daughters, who are half sisters having the same father. Eldest daughter Koo Ling-shan (Priscilla Wong) is a successful career woman, but she just cannot find the right guy. She also does not get along with her younger sister Koo Ching-tung (Samantha Ko). Ling-shan and her third younger half sister Koo Yu-yin (Lam Ha Mei) become foes. Fourth younger sister Read more Koo Sheung-yi’s (Kaman Kong) dual personality nearly causes some disaster. Fifth younger sister Kwan-yuet (Jeannie Chan) wants to seek revenge on the Koos as her mother is struck by misfortune. Sixth daughter Fong Chor-yu (Judy Kwong) hits rock bottom as she cannot overcome her character flaws. The sisters also eventually find out their father had a seventh daughter. They are determined to retrieve this lost treasure. The sisters are exhausted from busily engaging in fulfilling their late father’s last wishes. They embark on a mission to find their missing sibling. And they also discover their self worth in the process. Read less

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