Auspicious Dishes (家家行运菜)

To herald the beginning of an auspicious start to the Lunar New Year, EVERGREEN MAK, GRACE WONG and JAMES NG together with a group of artistes make their debut by heading to every corner of Hong Kong in search of traditional dishes. They explore each housing estate, fisherman's village, walled village as well as countryside, where they learn from each family with regard to episode themes such as seafood, poultry, stewed soups, and desserts etc. Read moreFeaturing the secrets of different families' New Year delicacies, they bring you a prosperous New Year with plenty of food to eat! Apart from a round-up of each district's unique New Year cuisines, they also invite those very lucky guests to demonstrate their own auspicious dishes. On top of that, our guests even exclusively share their cooking tips and the fun and unforgettable experiences they had in New Year with us. Read less

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