Al Cappuccino (反黑路人甲)

A murder has caused danger to lurk in gangland. Chinese American drama enthusiast Cheung Sai-lun (Vincent Wong) comes back to Hong Kong for film audition opportunities. He soon crossed paths with policewoman Koo Yan-yee (Crystal Fung), who asked him to be a spy in Union Gang to help the police. As part of his assignment, Sai-lun needs to pretend to be Read morethe Big Boss of Union Gang’ orphan son. With the help of experienced veteran spy Ko Bun (Owen Cheung), Sai-lun is now Big Boss. Sai-lun frequently extends his assistance to gang leader So Tsz-shan (Kathy Yuen) and celebrity actress Chong Ming-lai (Samantha Ko). Also sticking close to Sai-lun are nightlife venue lady boss You Ching-shui (Angel Chiang) and three unrelated young ladies. During his mission in the gang, he forms a close partnership with Ko Bun. He also manages to overcome many crises with fearsome fighter Luk Chau (Brian Chu) offering him complete protection. However, no one anticipates the surprising plot waiting for Sai-lun amidst the gang activities. Read less

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