Airport Strikers (机场特警)

Each armed with their own reasons, four young police officers Wu Kwun-chung (Brian Chu), San Hoi-ching (Sisley Choy), Cheung King-san (Owen Cheung), and Ho Si-wa (Gloria Tang) sign up to join the Airport Security Unit (ASU). They go through an intense boot camp, led by military instructor Man Wing-keung (Eddie Kwan) and the foursome is invoked as ASU Read moreofficers upon graduating. King-san and ASU CIP Cheung Chun-hak (Hugo Wong) can’t stop getting under each other’s skin. Recognising their despise towards each other, Sergeant Ma Yung-yi (Mat Yeung) frequently has to act as a middleman to mediate the tension between the two. King-san meets air stewardess Yu On-na (Roxanne Tong). The pair eagerly falls in love, but they can’t seem to get along with each other. King-san eventually develops a liking for his fellow officer, Hoi-ching. Together, the ASU officers face episodes of joy, sorrow, separation and reunion while on the job. They also come up-close with near-death scenarios. Eventually, they realise the real purpose behind ASU’s mission. However, a threatening disaster emerges, which soon leads the officers to be entangled in an unusual plight. Read less

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