A Perfect Man (有种好男人)

Yeung Yat-cheng (Joe Ma) has a good reputation in the realm of personal security. He is invited by his buddy Ha Chung-chau (Tsui Wing) to join a security company that is tasked with protecting a tycoon called Tseung Ding-tin (KK Cheung). Read more While starting his new job, Yat-cheung is faced with personnel issues. Meanwhile, due to his unhappy childhood, Yat-cheng does not believe in marriage. However, he happens to hook up with Yau Chi-ching (Ali Lee). And Chi-ching then even starts working for the security company. Yat-cheng gradually has affectionate feelings for her. But the couple’s relationship has to overcome certain hurdles. Moreover, problems keep cropping up as Ding-tin’s son Cheuk-ting and his buddy Miu Shing-lam (Ricco Ng) secretly return to Hong Kong. Shing-lam even keeps picking on Yat-cheng. While Yat-cheng and Chi-ching’s relationship gradually improves, Yat-cheng suspects Chi-ching has some ulterior motive as he somehow discovers her secret. The couple’s relationship is on the verge of breaking up. Read less

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