A Chef And A Gentleman (懿想得到)

TV Host Lai Lok Yi invites his close friends from Showbiz as travel companions. Through their various journeys, we discover new sides to these on-screen personalities. Ali Lee went to Tokyo (Japan) to enjoy cherry blossoms while learning ‘Hua Dao’, while Kristal Tin had an eye-opening experience at a love hotel. Nancy Sit and Steve Lee visited Read moreFukuoka and Hirado together and attempted VR gaming - but, will these games stump them? Also, Ekin Cheng revisited the TV City, find out why his first task was to be a chef in the dining hall? Mat Yeung and Mayanne Mak Mei-Yan travelled all over Malaysia to have plenty of fun and enjoy tasty delicacies. Watch how Mat Yeung invites Lok Yi to overcome his fear of heights in a high elements obstacle course while Mak Mei-Yan strives to attain the title of ‘perfect lady’. Read less

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